Custom Made Clip on Service

Fit Any Type or Shape

One of the best ways to be fashion forward is to be smart about eyewear. No one wants to buy glasses and sunglasses.


Not only does it get expensive but also it can take away from the individuality. People work hard to find the right frame. There’s no reason why they can’t wear them all the time.

With the clip on service, your customers can enjoy custom-made clip-ons that turn their eyeglasses into sunglasses. They can enjoy the same great frame that they know they look good in. It’s a simple, elegant way to go out during the day. Whether people are headed to the beach or driving around town, the clip on service is what is needed.

Print your Clip on Job Form

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Clip-On Job From in English

Clip-On Job From in English

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Clip-On Job Form en Francais

Clip-On Job Form en Francais