You’s has a fabulous collection of eyewear that provides youthful designs with a range of colourful frames. When someone is trying to find their own personality within their eyewear, You’s is the way to go because of the striking look that they provide. Children, men, and women can rely on this brand to have cool and clean lines and more importantly, value. The frames are affordably priced.

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Youpi !

Children’s frames are here with Youpi. There’s no reason for kids to have to select from the same kinds of frames as their parents. The focus is on the age range of 5 to 12. Colorful and playful frames are made that are designed to endure the rough and tumble play that kids are known for. These high quality frames are durable and affordable, making them an outstanding option.

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Tulipe Noire

Tulipe Noire provides a chic image for any woman. The designers have added a variety of feminine details to provide something truly unique. Using flowers as inspiration, every face shape is captured within the designs. There are innovative lens shapes so that women can truly obtain eyewear that they will want to don on a daily basis.

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De Stijl

De Stijl is based upon a Dutch art movement and it’s a fitting name for this line of men’s eyewear. The art movement is based upon clean lines and simplicity – and this is what’s found in the eyewear as well. Men can look forward to the art coming to life by providing them with an array of designs to choose from as well as an exclusive hinge that provides strength and durability at all times.

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Bloomdale Eyewear is an independent eyewear label based in the Netherlands, which designs eyewear for people who want to wear an original design, with beautiful shapes, nice details and tasteful colour settings. The concept and philosophy of Bloomdale is to make glasses that make people happy and more beautiful when they wear them.

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